Collaborate in the cloud with Office, Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync videoconferencing.

Office 365 provides easy-to-use, cloud-based management tools in a single location. Through the administration user interface your IT staff can set up new user accounts, control access to features, and see the status of all Office 365 services and tools in real time.

For professionals and small businesses without complex IT needs, we've got you covered through our online community support and self-service help resources. For businesses with more complex IT needs, we provide 24x7 phone and online access to IT customer support to handle those questions.

Microsoft Office 365 is licensed on a flexible, per-user per-month subscription plan with predictable annual costs—enabling you to scale the services when it makes sense. Microsoft manages the IT software and you control the user access rights.

We have a variety of plans to meet the needs of individuals, organizations, and government agencies of all sizes with varying IT needs. Midsize business and enterprise plan customers even have the option of adding on kiosk plans to their subscription. This is a perfect plan for those 'deskless' workers who may not have a designated work computer—and periodically need online access.

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