Private/Regulated Hosting


Your company didn't build its own utilities, so why would you build your own technology infrastructure when it's just as essential?

ASAP Hosting delivers the capacity, reliability and security your business deserves while enjoying significant savings over on premise solutions.

Engage's data center facilities are staffed and electronically monitored 24x7x365, inside and out, so your business is always protected. No one gains access without verified security clearance. All locations deliver fully redundant, load balanced power and multi-carrier connectivity so your applications and data are always available. Strictly controlled environments with several tons of cooling, dry pipe fire suppression systems and multiple redundant filters insure air quality and temperature control while providing ever present protection from fire, heat or water damage should any issue ever arise.

ASAP Hosting delivers a wide variety of dedicated, shared and virtual server solutions as well as the full range of Microsoft technologies based on a 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) model including enterprise applications like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GP, RMS-HQ as well as Microsoft foundation technologies including Exchange Server, OCS/LCS instant messaging, SharePoint, SQL Server and more.

Applications can be collocated, hosted or on-demand, offering a per user / per month pricing model.

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