Microsoft Exchange Server


Industry Leading Server for E-mail, Calendaring, and Unified Messaging

In a time when your organization requires its communication tools to be cost-effective and flexible, Microsoft Exchange Server enables you to achieve new levels of reliability and performance by delivering features that simplify your administration, help protect yourcommunications, and delight your users by meeting their demands for greater business mobility.

Microsoft Exchange, the cornerstone of Microsoft’s unified communications solution, has long been the choice of organizationslike yours to enable rich and productive collaboration among its users.The latest release of Exchange can help you achieve better business outcomes while controlling the costs of deployment, administration, and compliance. Exchange delivers the widest range of deployment options, integratedinformation leakage protection, and advanced compliance capabilities, that combine to form the best messaging and collaboration solution available.

Flexible and Reliable
Building on previous investments in Continuous Replication technologies, a simplified approach to high availability and disaster recovery coupled with enhanced maintenance tools, will help you achieve new levels of reliability and reduce the complexity of delivering business continuity.Lowering the burden on your help desk and yourself is a key way in which you can accomplish more and reduce costs. This motivated investments in new self-service capabilities aimed at enabling users to perform common tasks without having to call the help desk.

Anywhere Access
The success of your business hinges on your ability to make your users more productive and effective through the technology solutions you deliver. Exchange Server helps your users get more done by giving them the freedom to securely access all of their communications –e-mail, voice mail, instant messaging, and more –from virtually any platform, Web-browser, or device through industry standard protocols.

Protection and Compliance
In today's increasingly regulated environment, it's critical to efficiently preserve business records. This includes e-mail which has quickly become the principle source of data in legal discovery and other compliance-related investigations. Managing e-mail for compliance has become particularly challenging for most organizations. Exchange integrated e-mail archiving and retention functionality–including granular multi-mailbox search and immediate legal hold. When you combine this with the flexibility provided by the Exchange storage architecture, you can take better control of your corporate information, while providing your users with a streamlined experience that does not disrupt the waythey manage their inboxes every day.

Exchange 2010 makes it easy to better protect your company’s communications and e-mail through centrally managed information control capabilities. This includes the ability to intercept, moderate, encrypt and block e-mail more effectively. Together, this functionality provides you with a flexible range of protection and control options, whether you want to automatically enforce controls or empower users to implement their own data protection.

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