Public Official

Change comes with every new administration but with today's government agencies being under constant pressure from the top down and the bottom up there has never been a more urgent need to be efficient, transparent, and open - change is the single constant for the modern public official.

With increasing calls for improved accountability, participation and collaboration, government leaders recognize how new applications of technology can help bring about desired improvements to serve the public better.

People around the world already use Web applications to share information, build virtual communities and connect across geopolitical, sociological, and demographic boundaries. The present generation of government is embracing these technologies and already proving their business value in the private sector and social value to individuals also directly applies to public institutions.

Engage helps departments, agencies and related offices make 'Gov 2.0' practical, delivering products and strategies tailored specifically for government needs, policies and platforms, delivering appropriate security, scalability and interoperability compliant with FISMA, FIPS, DIACAP and other regulatory requirements.

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