CARE™ - Solutions for Ancillary Health, Wellness and At-Risk Care Providers

For ancillary health, wellness and at-risk care organizations providing diagnostic, therapeutic, custodial or informational services to patients, populations or providers; it is increasingly important to incorporate coordination of care into delivery systems, enhancing business processes and patient wellness.

Engage‚Äôs CARE™ solutions provide competitive advantages in ancillary services, enabling quality care at an affordable price. In conjunction with its partners, Engage is committed to providing high-quality technology solutions, services and support, helping to improve care and reduce staff time dedicated to hours of administrative paperwork and follow-up questions related to insurance, Medicare and scheduling.

Engage CARE™ solutions are deployed to meet specific needs for specialized care where maintaining operating efficiencies is a constant challenge. Providers such as those focusing on physical rehabilitation, home health services, respiratory services, sleep disorder therapies, sports rehabilitation & athletic training, industrial rehabilitation, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nutritionists and specialty pharmacies all may benefit from integrated and easy to use solutions providing real-time data, interoperability, digital imaging to properly and effectively use vast amounts of information quickly and efficiently.

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