Delivering Superior Cost Savings and Revenue Management

Engage ClientCare™ offers solutions supplementing or replacing your current systems. With ClientCare™ you have:
  • Patient details and views provide a full 360 degree solution to the servicing organization: clinical details, emergency and care specifics, authorization and other payment status, updates and progress.
  • Technician and workforce updates, audits, tracking and certification review to allow appropriate cost/care-effective assignments based on qualifications, certifications, location, cost and availability.
  • Audit, billing and tracking information to ease and speed payer billing and communications, denial and delay payment follow-up, and reporting to provide additional details for research, quality assurance reviews and profitability/productivity analysis.
  • Efficient, auditable delivery of clinical services, healthcare skills and pharmacological products to consumers distributed geographically, anytime, anywhere.
  • Software as a Service deployment with little or no capital expenditure required, decreased overhead in managing clinic staffing and onsite support.
  • Empowerment for healthcare service providers to license on a month to month, as needed basis based solely on user volume and service demand.
  • Reduces or redeploys both labor and administrative resources via customizable workflows such as confirmation calls, assigned tasks, email notifications, staffing web sites, consumer web sites, web and phone based service scheduling, etc.
  • Consistent data use, analysis and access provides all authorized parties with appropriate role based reporting based on function, need and process.
  • Integration and incorporation of features including workforce management integrating web site scheduling, consumer and technician notifications, auto-dial telephone integration and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) , scanning (OCR) and data imports, shipping and returns automation.
  • Integrated accounting, Medicare billing and electronic submission, multi-party payment processing by service type.
  • Visibility and tracking of clinic and other medical/surgical supplies, stock and cost implications.
  • Patient, clinic and staffing self-service options and workflows to manage short-term events, staffing and other onsite needs with minimal manual intervention.

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