In any economic environment, it is a balancing act of services, quality and delivery for all of your many clients and demands. Being able to keep track with the records, documentation and other required paperwork is a challenge when your focus should be with the treatment and care of your client’s farms, pets, livestock and more.

VeterinaryCARE™ is a solution accelerator that provides visibility and access to information when and where it is needed; the data collection, tracking, reporting and billing; and able to be customized to meet your clinical, client and business needs. The VeterinaryCARE™ solution is able to free up your organization to focus on treatment and care in areas such as:

  • Tracking all of your account, client and patient details including kennel/barn location or assignment, special instructions, feeding details, vitals, markings and more.
  • Appointment and patient details and contact information, including multiple addresses and maps for directions.
  • Online and mobile access to shared calendars and updated invoicing options.
  • Integration of clinical, inventory and office systems such as billing.
  • Shared calendar, appointments and information between personnel in the field, back in the home office, or on a consult to assist with the progress of patients based on their diagnoses and prescribed treatments.
  • Inbound and outbound calls, auto-dialers and IVRs are able to be automated and integrated for such services as appointment confirmations and other client self-serve options, freeing up administrative personnel for more value-added and revenue-driven services.
  • Integration with inventory, accounting and overall management functions to provide visibility and help determine what areas of service are profitable and appropriate for the specific care area.

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