Government Relationship Management - GRM™

With calls for increasing levels of accountability, participation and collaboration, government and public sector leaders recognize that new applications of technology are essential in helping bring about desired changes for citizens, constituents and other stakeholders.

People around the world use the web to share information, build virtual communities and connect across geopolitical, sociological, and demographic boundaries. The current generation of government embraces these technologies which are already proving their value to organizations and individuals. To make web applications more practical for government, enterprise strategies are required along with an information technology platform providing appropriate security, scalability and interoperability.

Out of these needs comes the 'Government Relationship Management' or GRM™ solution and the USFederal360™ methodology from Engage.  The Solution was created by Engage, Inc. in partnership with Microsoft Corporation to deliver the promise of these technologies securely, effectively, transparently for US based Departments and Agencies. Based in part upon foundation technologies already widely deployed and embraced within the US Federal Government, GRM™ enables Departments and Civilian Agencies to easily adopt, flexibly adjust and proactively answer their call to duty.

Integrating common needs for communication, correspondence, case and records management along with geospatial information system, dashboards, web/mobile integrated information and more, GRM™ enables government and public sector organizations to do more with less, often leveraging many technologies already licensed and deployed within the organization in new and effective ways to achieve goaling, effective operations and mission achievement.

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