GRM™ Case Management


Best in Class Efficiency

Many government organizations face two competing pressures - the need to deliver high-quality services to citizens and businesses while at the same time improving efficiencies and reducing costs.  Give government officials and staff the full picture with consolidated information about citizen interactions and easy-to-use tools for managing cases, contacts and correspondence. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an affordable case management framework that's simple to customise and integrates with other Microsoft applications.  When delivered with the GRM™ solution from Engage, US Departments and civilian Agencies have the opportunity to shine.

  • Give team members and caseworkers a centralized case data from a variety of systems.
  • Track data in real-time to better assess delivery effectiveness and manage follow-up activities.
  • Provide convenient scheduling tools fully integrated with Microsoft Office Outlook.
  • Set up automated reminders for follow-up activities.
  • Offer remote access and easy upload of case information, making the most of time in the field. 
  • Set up processes to streamline procedures and help maintain compliance with regulatory guidelines.
  • Make process and policy guidelines accessible in central document libraries.
  • Give executives real-time views of daily activities with dashboards that show the progress of customizable key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess results 

Often citizens value rapid resolution more than the ability to provide additional relevant information, although these elements are both key factors in delivering quality service. Equipped with the right tools, experienced and well-trained staff can handle and resolve inquiries more efficiently. A well-designed solution connects the government's people with those they serve, enabling effective case management.

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