GRM™ Correspondence Management


Leveraging Microsoft CRM for Best-in-Class Communication Efficiency

World Class Solution

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a world class platform. With Engage's Government Relationship Management (GRM™ 2012, a Microsoft Certified Dynamics solution) configured using Engage's USFederal360™ methodology for federal departments and agencies, your organization enjoys a 360 degree world class view of all the organizations and people with whom you connect. Keep track of addresses, activities, cases and correspondenceincluding all relationships between these information assets, while collaborating internally. Build Adhoc reports around your organization's activities. GRM™ contains everything you need to securely manage business processes, transparency and relationships with those both inside and outside of your organization.

Correspondence Management GRM™ 2012 delivers a powerful module for case and correspondence management

  • Track any letter, email, phone call, fax, or face-to-face appointment in CRM
  • Bulk mail merge, email templates and tight integration with Microsoft Office, (Word, Excel, etc) and Outlook
  • Automate tasks, measuring performance against them, ensuring accountability
  • Build Contact and Outreach Lists for streamlined communications, regardless of medium
  • Automatically track and log all incoming/outgoing emails
  • Create cases to track all case and correspondence around a single issue (Congressional Inquiries, FOIA Requests, etc)
  • Deliver transparency to appropriate parties with reporting and secure web tools
GRM™ 2012 goes beyond just tracking correspondence and streamlining outbound communications; also allowing your organization to be proactive about its correspondence through interactive dashboards, web forms, real-time communications and more

  • Set up web forms for constituents to submit requests online
  • Automate your business processes with workflows helping ensure service levels or legislative mandates are met
  • Use the scheduling engine to arrange meetings or service appointments
  • Eliminate paper processes through scanning and OCR integration
  • Assign incoming emails to staff members based on custom rules
  • Set up auto responder rules based on the subject, address, or content of incoming emails
  • Place pre-recorded phone calls through optional Microsoft Lync or Office Communications Server (OCS) add-ins
  • Create events with online sign up and track registration

Limitless Possibilities through Configuration and Extension

While designed to handle all the needs discussed above, GRM™ 2012 can be quickly and easily extended to do even more. With a powerful graphical based tool your organization can quickly build out new fields and forms to track and manage any part of your constituency. As a part of its Citizen Service Platform (CSP) and other offerings, Microsoft, Engage and partner organizations provide additional templates further enhancing these solutions to meet additional, specific government needs.

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