GRM™ Correspondence Tracking


Every Journey Begins with a Single Step

For many organizations today correspondence and communciations may still be largely paper based or at best, top level information logged or locked into spreadsheets and mail folders.  While organizations may appreciate the effeciencies available in going to a unified solution for case, correspondence, collaborative response and records management - the path to getting there may be a bit daunting.  For those organizations wanting the efficiency of electronic correspondence solutions while perhaps not yet needing the power of a full suite comes GRM™ 2012 Correspondence Tracking.

With GRM™ 2012 Correspondence Tracking your organization has full access to the same features for correspondence intake and electronic tracking while also proving the option to expand in the future to include additional features for scan and capture, point and shoot optical character recognition (OCR), full document indexing and standards compliant records management.

Correspondence Tracking information is logged for all electronic records and input for manual records, delivering powerful business process automation for assigning related activities, deadlines and response methods all from right within a Outlook, keeping training needs low and adotion high.  Once your organization has mastered the GRM™ Correspodnence Tracking processes you are able to upgrade to GRM™ Correspondence Management, Records Management and more complex reporting, workflow and automation features.

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