GRM™ Directories


In-Depth Access to Vital Constituent Information

GRM™ Directories is a set of profiles, reports and a data directory subscription delivering a powerful set of real-time information to better connect with government.  A module of the Engage GRM™ suite, four Directories (Congressional, Federal Executive, State Legislative and Executive, Municipalities) are available separately or in bundles across two levels of information (basic and ultimate) to give your organization a leg up in communicating with, relating to and more fully understanding those relationships on which you depend for effective government interaction.

Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, available to users from within Outlook, via web browser or mobile device (Phone7, IPhone/Pad/Pod, Android AND Blackberry) GRM™ Directories eases access to information without the burden of training costs required by other applications.  Users get to work immediately with the powerful information delivered within the applications with which they are already familiar, increasing productivity.

GRM™ Directories gives you access to all contact, background, committee and staff data for 10 separate government segments. GRM™ Directories utilizes intuitive tools to manage activities, outreach campaigns, documents and reports from any device while automatically updating extensive contact and relationship data across your team. Additional information, related to specific contacts and organizations, can also be accessed:

  • Bills and Legislation
  • Current News Headlines
  • Interactive District Maps
  • Research Services
  • Roll Call Votes
  • Social Media Profiles
GRM™ Directories is a robust and scalable enterprise solution, allowing its users to manage and track enterprise information and manage requests and activities, whether deployed as a standalone subscription or integrated fully within Engage's GRM™ suite, Engage delivers a 360 degree view of your organization's interactions and relationships across your entire team.

Benefits of GRM™ Directories

  • Manage and track all activities related to constituents
  • Automate business process with workflows using Microsoft CRM
  • Integrates with existing applications - lowers training costs and increases end user adoption
  • Automatic subscription data updated every 24 hours- critical after elections
  • Easy access from any device

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