GRM™ Records Management


Tired of Sounding Like a Broken record?

There are many different definitions of 'records management'.  Ask an Archivist and an IT Director and you are likely to be surprised how different their perspectives may be.  Within the context of GRM™ records management means the systematic control of the creation, maintenance, use and disposition of records; including the planning, directing, organizing and securing of information assets to achieve a sufficient and documented archive demonstrating the effective management of Department of civilian Agency operations.

Records Management has standards that are often applied in varying degress to address unique aspects required by regulation.  While not all records management systems will require controls as prescribed or rigid as 5015.2 or MoReq, those that do must take extra care in selecting the foundation and assistive technologies as well as the approach to addressing common needs today and into the future.  File Plans, Recordkeeping requirements, Record Management Strategies, Disposition, Retention Schedules and the like are the words for the day.  Too often organizations may establish a repository meeting their needs, but may do so without much consideration for how the processes might be even more greatly improved by enhancing the systems that curate information assets on their way to becoming a record.  It is for this reason that Engage delivers GRM™ Records Management in concert with GRM™ Correspondence Management, delivering a seamlessly integrated approach to the active use, collaboration and archive of both electronic and physical documents supporting any public or commercial organization's needs.

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