Relativity™ - An Integrated, Modular Suite Delivering High Performance Results

Today's Contact and Communication processes may seem a lot like yesterday's and in reality they are, but only if you realize they now move at the speed of light.  Individuals and organizations today are more informed, have access to instant information and alternatives through the benefits of search engines, social platforms, mobile devices and game-like incentive programs.

For private firms, it's all about providing secure and intimate, personalized experiences.  

For Public Sector organizations it's more about helping ensure your staff and systems are operating at the utmost efficiency, delivering on the promises your constituents expect you to honor.

In a world where a single click has the power to not only inform, but to transform any decision - positively or negatively impacting your organization - can you afford not to deliver all that you can in support of your constituents, prospects or customers in an instant?

Of course you can’t! That’s why there’s Engage Relativity™.

Engage Relativity™ empowers you to create, identify and maintain superior relationships (internal or external) and actually see the response. Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your own web site and/or nearly any social system, Relativity™gives you ONE VIEW of your people, processes and activities, helping you see when they are most likely to interract, when they haven't acted but should have and how you can provide better service in meeting needs so you can build, enhance or nurture your relationships towards a positive outcome.

  • Convenient Software as a Service, On-premise or cloud deployments
  • Integrates with your existing web, blog, social media or commerce designs
  • Available within hours of configuration
  • Turns data into actionable information
  • Helps Teams to know where to focus their precious time for maximum impact

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