Relativity™ Analytics


What in the world are your contacts doing?

Sure, you know when you make contact with your customer, when they place an order or when they have a complaint, but do you know when they’re ready to buy or when they’re sending buy signals across both their physical and online activities?

Now with Engage Relativity™ Analytics you can!

Staying in step with your contacts in the 21st century may seem a lot like it did in the 20th, but truly it simply is NOT. People and organizations today are more informed, have access to instant information and enjoy decreased switching costs for alternative purchasing decisions.Provide secure online ordering from inventory, non-inventory items and kits from Microsoft Dynamics™

In a world where a single click has the power to not only inform, but to transform a buying decision - positively or negatively impacting your sales process - can you afford not to know everything you can about your prospects and customers in an instant?

Of course you can’t! That’s why there’s Engage Relativity™ Analytics.

Engage Relativity™ Analytics empowers you to build superior customer relationships and actually see the response. Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Engage Relativity™ Commerce™, your own web site and/or nearly any email marketing system, Engage Relativity™gives you ONE VIEW of your prospects, customers and demand generation activities, helping you see when they are most likely to buy so you can build, enhance or nurture a relationship towards a positive outcome.

  • Convenient Software as a Service
  • Integrates with your existing website, blog or shopping cart
  • Available within hours of configuration
  • Turns customer data into actionable information
  • Great for demand-generation tracking
  • Help Sales Teams to know where to focus their precious time for maximum impact

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