Relativity™ Commerce


What are you doing online?

You’ve made the commitment. You use Microsoft Dynamics™ to run your business consistently and cost effectively, but are you leveraging that investment through customer centric online services?

With Engage Relativity™ Commerce now you can!

Quickly and effectively bring your customers together with your business for improved profit, enhanced customer service and superior business relationships by leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics™ with Relativity™ Commerce.

  • Provide secure online ordering from inventory, non-inventory items and kits from Microsoft Dynamics™
  • Price per customer/per quantity. Use your settings in Microsoft Dynamics™ to securely publish customer specific pricing or quantity breaks in real-time to your website, secured by customer login and encryption
  • Match your eCommerce site to the design elements of your website with flexible style sheets
  • Leverage Microsoft Dynamics™ rules for online orders too. Choose to bring orders into Microsoft Dynamics™ in ways best matching your business needs
  • Online order history, invoicing available for customers
  • Generate invoices, following your standard processes for online orders also, delivered online or printed
  • PO request routing. Allow customers to follow their own basic purchasing procedures
  • Online bill Pay - with Engage Relativity™ Commerce, Engage ePay™ allows your business to accept online payments from credit cards, checks, procurement cards and more. Authorize and settle in real-time, bringing accurate payment details into Microsoft Dynamics™ without manual entry or double keying, automatically
  • B2B/B2C/OIP - Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Online Internal Procurement options 
  • Great for retail, wholesale, distribution, consumer packaged goods, public sector ordering and more 
  • On-site appliance or hosted datacenter deployment, choose the deployment option that is best for you

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