Relativity™ Motiv8


Incenting Staff to Act and Customers/Constituents to Interact

Relativity Motiv8™, an extension of Engage, Inc.’s Relativity™ Platform, provides a framework integrating ‘Game Layer’ functionality with line of business application logic, transforming the result into a system for tracking, incenting and rewarding site member and/or employee behaviors through assigned or arbitrary status symbols(i.e. badges, levels and the like) – i.e. ‘behavior-steering game dynamics’. The baseline features focus on the tracking and management of achievements while other components may optionally surface this data on a community portal, within SharePoint, Silverlight or other similar dashboards.

At the highest level, the Relativity Motiv8™ framework works within the Relativity™ Platform to integrate external data and systems, purpose built plugins, and customintegration services; creating “actions” within line of business applications (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011). Each action is assigned a type. Administrators configure promotion paths, personalization levels and requisite conditions as badges and badge conditions. Scheduled services review the users and contacts, all of their actions and matching conditions and determines if they qualify for any new badges, promotions or levels.

As an example, an employee who completes X cases at a certain approval level in a given month may win the “Customer Satisfaction” badge, or may be promoted froma “Level 1 Customer Service Rookie” to a “Level 8 Customer Serenity Guru.” Badges are earned and levels achieved when a user has a score in agiven category meeting badge conditions. Whenever a new action iscreated, badge conditions tied to the action’s category are checked and new achievements applied as may be applicable.

The solution can be applied internally for staff and team members (goaling, KPI, telework) as well as externally for customers, constituents and partner organizations.  

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